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Canary Island Palms - Phoenix Canariensis
Common Name: Canary Island Palms
Botanical Name: Phoenix Canariensis
Trunk Type: Solitary
Leaf Type: Feather shaped with long stiff sharp spines, wide spreading dense crown
Fruit/Flowering: Oblong, 2cm long and yellow when ripe
Mature Size: Up to 60 ft. tall, 35 ft. spread, 3ft. trunk diameter
Climate: Adaptable from tropical to temperate and frost hardy
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 20.8 F
Culture: It is essential to plant this palm properly with excellent drainage being it is vital to this palms health and successful growth (view drainage instructions). The palm fronds are usually tied together when shipped and should remained tied for six to eight weeks before untying. Plan in sunny or partly shade area. Kendall Palms Nursery has many sizes of Canary’s here at our growing grounds ready for immediate delivery. Our statewide grower network can deliver almost any size within 7 to 10 days of your order.