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Date Palms - Phoenix Dactylifera
Common Name: Date Palms
Botanical Name: Phoenix Dactylifera
Trunk Type: Solitary and clumping, tall and thin with persistent leaf scars
Leaf Type: Spiky grey green 9 ft. long leaves
Fruit/Flowering: White flowers, yellow brown fruit, about 5cm long and oblong, females can produce 150 pounds of fruit annually
Mature Size: Up to 60 ft. tall, 25 ft. spread, 1 ft. diameter
Climate: Warm arid
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 19.0 F
Culture: Matching the irrigation rates with the size of the date palm is critical as date palms used in ornamental settings can require in the heat of summer up to 30 to 40 gallons of water depending on the palm size (or about .75 gallon of water per trunk foot, adjusting to .47 gallon of water during winter months). Gallonage output rate of each nozzle must be matched evenly, matched perception rates for all plantings are imperative. The feeding roots are shallow when compared to the height of the palm, so frequent and slow irrigation is desired. In most plantings the growth rate is very slow, expect a foot of new trunk every two to four years. Drainage is critical when planting this palm.