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King Palms - Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana
Common Name: King Palms
Botanical Name: Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana
Trunk Type: Solitary, thick
Leaf Type: Arching, green above and silver green on the underside, 10-15 ft. in length
Fruit/Flowering: Fruit is oviod, 1.5cm
Mature Size: Up to 50 ft. tall, 15 ft. spread
Climate: Tropical to sub-tropical, sensitive to cold
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 26.9 F
Culture: This palm is best planted from containers, it is very fickle when field dug and requires high maintenance to survive. Like most palms King Palms like a sandy soil, medium to good drainage. They do best along the temperate coastal areas and inland to where daytime temperatures seldom get above 87 to 92 for the hot months. The fronds suffer heat damage easily. When possible, plant where palms will receive a breeze as they grow better with good ventilation. In hotter areas plant on north side or area that gets morning sun. Use a palm fertilizer that incorporates a complete trace element package, as King Palms are heavy feeders. Remove any dead or damage fronds at planting and handle with care when installing. A foliar spray mix at 50% of recommended strength can be applied at planting to insure the palm grows at optimum rates and health. Simply spray to the point of run-off on foliage. Consult trade references or your local professional for recommendations for foliar sprays. Kendall Palms offers King Palms in all sizes for residential and commercial installations.