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Mexican Blue Palms - Brahea Armata
Common Name: Mexican Blue Palms
Botanical Name: Brahea Armata
Trunk Type:
Leaf Type: Persistent grey blue leaves that form a petticoat
Fruit/Flowering: Fruit are small, round and are about 2cm in diameter
Mature Size: Solitary trunk up to 20 ft., 10 ft. spread, 1.5 ft. diameter
Climate: Suitable for temperate to subtropical dry areas, tolerates frost
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 18.0 F
Culture: This is a very hardy palm and is among the most dramatic of all palms for its stunning pure blue tinged palm leaves. Will tolerate to 15 degrees and up. Slow growing but will eventually reach 30 to 35’. Likes water in summer two times a week, much less in colder weather. Used properly this palm has many applications in the landscape. Plant with plaster sand and be sure of good drainage. Use a 18-18-18 ratio slow release fertilizer in spring and summer. This palm will do much better when planted in good draining soil as it grows naturally in limestone soils in Mexico.