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Mexican Fan Palm - Washingtonia Robusta
Common Name: Mexican Fan Palm
Botanical Name: Washingtonia Robusta
Trunk Type: Solitary, tall and slender
Leaf Type: Fan shaped, evergreen fronds
Fruit/Flowering: Almost globose and dark brown
Mature Size: Up to 60-100 ft. tall, 12 ft. spread, 1 ft. diameter
Climate: Suitable for a wide range of climates
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 20.0 F
Culture: This palm is sold as a skinned trunk palm or an unskinned (palm bark removed from 40% of the tree) trunk palm. Most of the palms are field dug and shipped, balled and burlaped. When these palms are kept trimmed and given ample water they are very attractive and as an added bonus very fast growers. Another plus is they will tolerate a wide temperate range. Can be planted as a multi-trunk by placing several in the same hole and planting at angles. Available at Kendall Palms in any height and quantity.