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Pigmy Date Palms - Phoenix Roebeleni
Common Name: Pigmy Date Palms
Botanical Name: Phoenix Roebeleni
Trunk Type: Solitary trunk
Leaf Type: Feather shaped
Fruit/Flowering: Small, egg shaped, purple-black when ripe
Mature Size: Up to 10 ft. tall, 4”-8” diameter
Climate: Tropical to temperate, tolerates cold, shade or sun
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 25.0 F
Culture: This is a very classy, small, and slow growing palm. It is excellent for pool areas, entryways, foreground plantings and many other applications. It will reach a height of 8 to 10 feet, but its growth rate is very slow. Available with multiple trunks, the palm likes good drainage, will tolerate shade, but does best in a least one half-day sun. Kendall Palms has Pigmy Date palms available in 17” tubs to 24” boxes.