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Pindo Palms - Butia Capitata
Common Name: Pindo Palms
Botanical Name: Butia Capitata
Trunk Type: Solitary
Leaf Type: Feather shaped, silver-blue, arching leaves with spines
Fruit/Flowering: The fruit is orange, egg shaped and up to 3cm in length
Mature Size: Up to 15 ft., 15 ft. spread, 1 ft. diameter
Climate: Dry, cool areas, very tolerant of cold
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 14.3 F
Culture: A smaller palm uniquely suited to produce a tropical look in cold climates. It requires little care and will grow in frost areas. Growth rate is about 1.25 feet per year. The bluish green fronds are somewhat lacy and very dramatic when placed in groupings.