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Queen Palms - Syagrus Romanzoffiana
Common Name: Queen Palms
Botanical Name: Syagrus Romanzoffiana
Trunk Type: Solitary, straight fast growing trunk
Leaf Type: Feather shaped, arching leaves 10-15 ft. long
Fruit/Flowering: Egg shaped, 2-3cm long and orange when ripe
Mature Size: Up to 30-50 ft. tall, 10-15 ft. spread, 1 ft. in diameter
Climate: Suitable for tropical and cooler climates, will withstand salty or dry winds.
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 23.2 F
Culture: Queen Palms vary in trunk size, trunk girth, size and shape of the fronds. As a rule, field growth palms are more viriorus in growth and have thicker trunks. The type of seed initially used is also very important. Planting is always best done with a base of plaster sand and with the base at grade height. Watering is best at three days a week in hot weather, once a week during cooler weather. Queen Palms like heavy nitrogen applications monthly during the growing season, and trace element feedings either thru a time–release product or a foliar application. Our palms are shipped with the fronds tied and should only be untied after 30 to 45 days. We have thousands of Queen Palms, available in all sizes.