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Sago Palms - Cycas Revoluta
Common Name: Sago Palms
Botanical Name: Cycas Revoluta
Trunk Type: Solitary, fat trunk
Leaf Type: Long flat dark green leaves with many narrow stiff leaflets
Fruit/Flowering: Produces cones full of seeds
Mature Size: Up to 8 ft. tall, 4-7 ft. spread, 1”-12” diameter based on age
Climate: Tropical to cool temperate climates, but does best in subtropics, tolerates frost
Minimum Survival Temperatures: 20.0 F
Culture: A statement palm in that it makes an immediate impact in the landscape. The thickness of the trunk and dramatic fronds enhance almost any landscape. This palm likes good drainage and benefits from peat moss being added to a sand mix. Ration should be 75% sand 25% peat moss. It is a great small or large container plant as well. Let it go slightly dry several times a year, leaving it slightly moist is a good rule to follow. Take your time to remove fronds, as they only grow new ones about once a year. Kendall Palms has Sagos from 15 gallon to three foot of trunk specimens, hundreds available all the time.