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Bole –
Trunk of a tree or palm

Bract – A leaf-like structure which subtends a flower stem or part thereof

Canopy – The cover of foliage

Clumping – Clustering, with several stems or trunks

Dentate – Toothed

Denticulate – Finely toothed

Frond – Leaf of a palm or fern

Leaf-base – Specialized expanded and sheathing part of the petiole where it joins the trunk

Leaf-spine – A term sometimes used to describe the spine-like basal leaflets of Phoenix leaves; but may also be used to refer to spines on leaves

Pinnate – Usually referring to leaves once divided with the divisions extending to the midrib

Shag – A term referring to the persistent, hanging, dead leaves of some palms

Solitary – Describes a palm with a single stem or trunk

Spear-leaf – The erect, unopened newest leaf of a palm

Spine – A sharp, rigid projection